About us

Ayurveda has sent down firm roots in the West. As members of the Ayurvedic family, it is our responsibility to see that this great wisdom comes to full bloom. I created the Pacific Coast Herb Co. to serve healers, and of course, those being healed. 

If Ayurveda is to truly thrive in our world, it is vital that a flourishing ecosystem spring up to support it. This means bearers of wisdom, healers, and our greatest heroes--the green ones.

It is time that we remember where our real medicines are born from. Not from a test tube or a petri dish--but from tender leaflets bursting through dark, moist soil. Our medicines are alive as the healer and the healed. 

We are fellow human beings and co-creators, not just company and client! Please get in touch if there is an herb you would like me to search for, if you have any questions whatsoever, or if you would just like to get to know each other.

Many blessings,

Ben Brown                                                                
Founder, Pacific Coast Herb Company



All of our suppliers are GMP-certified. For more information, please contact us.