Ancient Organics Ghee

Ancient Organics Ghee

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Ancient Organics Ghee

We make Organic Artisan Ghee.

Ancient Organics Ghee is unlike any other you will find on the market today. We take great care and consideration in the ingredient selection and preparation method. Our uncompromising commitment to quality combined with obsessive attention to detail allows for a unique hand-crafted ghee. Many of the strict protocols for authenticity are integrated into our cooking process.

  • Cooking over an open flame means our batches are small (mass produced ghee is made with steam in huge kettles).
  • Churned butter is critical to authentic ghee. Straus Family Creamery operates two 1950äó»s batch churns which are becoming increasingly rare in the butter production industry.
  • Honoring the tradition of artisan ghee, our ghee is produced in a peacefulŒæandŒæmantra-infused kitchen.

We make our ghee from the unique dairy of Northern California. The native wildflowers and sweet grasses of the coastal prairie provide a terroir unlike any other part of America. We are committed to sourcing our dairy from the grass fed and pastured cows of this region. We produce each and every month to highlight the changes in pasture as reflected in the cows diet and celebrate the seasonal changes inξthe butter and ultimately our ghee.

Straus Family Creamery

We have been working with Straus Family Creamery since the beginning of our company and find theirŒæ100%ŒæOrganic European-Style Sweet Cream Butter to be a supreme example of what results from the best animal husbandry and creamery manufacturing techniques. Straus Family Creamery became the first certified organic dairy and creamery west of the Mississippi in 1994. Their butter has won the award for the äóÖBest Butter in Americaäó» and was named äóìOne of the Top Premium Butters in Americaäó� by Food and Wine Magazine. Straus Family Creamery butter has a very high butterfat content of 85%, indicative of their adherence to quality in the way in which they make their butter and the balanced diet of their cows.

At the Straus family dairy they power their operation with electricity generated from methane from cow manure and power their warehouse with electricity generated from solar panels. They reuse 94% of the water from the creamery on the farm to generate electricity and to irrigate fields. These are only two of many sustainability programs that consumers directly support when enjoying Straus Family Creamery products.