Bhunimba Powder

$ 9.94

Andrographis paniculata

Sanskrit: Kalamegha, Mahatikta

Bhunimba, "neem of the earth", is a small, green annual growing in the shade throughout India. Also known as kalamegha, "black cloud", it is harvested just before winter.

Rasa: Bitter

Virya: Cooling

Vipaka: Pungent

Guna: Light, dry, penetrating

Dosha: PK-, V+

Dhatu: Plasma,blood

Srotas: Digestive,respiratory, circulatory, urinary

Prabhava: Gives immense strength to the immune system.

Actions: Breaks up accumulation, scrapes accumulations from the srotas, scratches amafrom the dhatus, staunches bleeding, purifies the blood, digests ama, alleviates thirst, reduces fever, alleviates burning sensations, ameliorates skin diseases, removes worms, benefits breathing, beneficial for liver disorders, balances pitta dosha*



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