Bilva Fruit Powder

$ 6.94

Aegle mermelos

Bilva, sacred to Shiva, is a moderately sized tree growing throughout Southeast Asia, covered in thorns, with trifoliate leaves. It bears large fruit over many months with a yellowish, woody peel, with orange fruit scented with roses.

Rasa: Astringent, bitter

Virya: Heating

Vipaka: Pungent

Guna: Light,dry

Dosha: VK-,in excess P+

Dhatu: Plasma, blood

Srotas: Digestive,eliminatory

Prabhava: Excellent for a healthy digestive system, doing away with ama and excess kapha, as well as hindering the excessive downward movement of vata.

Actions: Enkindles agni, digests ama, soothes occasional diarrhea*


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