Brahmi Powder

$ 8.94

Bacopa monniera

Brahmi, associated with Brahma, the creative force of the universe, is a creeping, ground-level herb growing along riverbanks throughout the world, with succulent leaves and small white flowers. It is also called Saraswati, the shakti of Brahma.

Rasa: Bitter, sweet

Virya: Cooling

Vipaka: Sweet

Guna: Light, flowing

Dosha: VPK=, V+ in excess

Dhatu: All, especially plasma, blood, nerve

Srotas: Digestive, circulatory, nervous, excretory

Prabhava: Renowned for its powers to aid healthy concentration and memory, Brahmi acts directly on sadhaka pitta. Alleviates vata aggravation in the whole body, but especially the nervous system.

Actions: Balances vata dosha, directs vata downwards, supports healthy mental function, supports a healthy heart, supports a healthy nervous system, strengthens a healthy body, beneficial for occasional insomnia, enhances healthy skin*


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