Licorice Root Powder

Licorice Root Powder

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Glycyrrhiza glabra

Sanskrit: Yastimadhu

Licorice is a moderately sized perennial herb with long, loose purple-white inflorescences and extensive networks of underground roots, growing throughout the world.

Rasa: Sweet, bitter

Virya: Cooling

Vipaka: Sweet

Guna: Heavy, unctuous

Dosha: VPK-, in excess K+

Dhatu: All

Srotas: Digestive, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, excretory

Prabhava: An outstanding overall rasayana, particularly nourishing healthy eyes and skin, very good for harmonizing formulae and strengthening the action of other herbs.

Actions: Supports healthy sexual function, energizes a healthy nervous system, nourishes healthy eyes, supports a healthy throat, eases occasional coughing, supports a healthy nervous system, soothes occasional itching*




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