Moringa Leaf Powder

$ 9.94

Moringa oleifera

Sanskrit: Shigru

Moringa is a tall, fast growing tree with whitish-grey bark, a broad crown of drooping branches, bunches of feathery leaves and small whitish-yellow flowers, native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas.

Rasa: Pungent, bitter

Virya: Heating

Vipaka: Pungent

Guna: Light, dry, penetrative

Dosha: VK-

Dhatu: Plasma, blood, bone

Srotas: Digestive, circulatory, respiratory, reproductive

Prabhava: An excellent anti-inflammatory medicine.

Actions: Aids healthy digestion, soothes occasional diarrhea, supports a healthy reproductive system, supports a healthy heart, maintains healthy fat tissue, supports a healthy spleen, supports healthy lymph nodes*


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