Organic Vetiver Essential Oil

Organic Vetiver Essential Oil

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Vetiveria zizanoides
Origin: Haiti
Size: 5ml

Aromatic molecules: Ví©tivene, ví©tivenol, ví©tivenone
Distilled organ: Root

The roots of Vetiver are innately nourishing, strengthening and grounding. For the overactive mind, Vetiver is relaxing and is well suited for one who constantly strives for perfection. Vetiver helps bring about a sense of ease, letting the mind justξbe.

Like Sandalwood, Patchouli and Frankincense, the earthy tones of Vetiveräó»s fragrance improve with age.ŒæVetiver is considered to be a strong base note. Base notes take more than 12 hours to evaporate, where top notes evaporate in less than 2 hours. When mixed with other essential oils, Vetiver helps the other oils to äóìstick aroundäó� (literally) keeping the other, more volatile essential oils (top notes), äóìfixedäó� to the skin.ŒæThis unpretentious oil serves as a trusted base note for the worldäó»s perfumery market.Œæ

Authentic Vetiver is dark amber in color, and pours slowly from the bottle. This is a good metaphor for how Vetiver works on the body. It is slow, and grounding. Good Vetiver oil is sold with a glass applicator wand because the oiläó»s viscosity inhibits its flow from a äóìdropperäó� bottle. Vetiver roots grow so tightly together and they are so strong, that they are used for Erosion control in soil that drains too easily. This is also a great metaphor for how Vetiver keeps moisture in the skin.

Vetiver is grown for 3 years before it can be harvested and distilled for its oil. As you see in theξvideo, one must harvest the roots of the Vetiverξgrass, pulling them out of the ground, shaking and cutting the roots off with a machete. This is hard labor done by hand with no tractors or machines for help.